The Faroe Islands, The Tourist Of Life

The Faroe Islands can be like any other country in the region. Just like Scotland, Ireland and Iceland, the weather can be really good. And with really good, I mean really good (or well, I say this, but don’t expect it to be 30 degrees in summer though). However, those periods mostly won’t last long, and good weather is mostly followed by days with fog and rain.


Still. We love the islands, and as long as you have prepped yourself good for your trip everything is going to be fine. Just remember: you can dress for rain and you can dress for cold. You just got to make sure you have those clothes packed up in your suitcase!

I guess that you know that, already, otherwise you wouldn’t have been reading this article. However, for the Faroe Islands it is definitely an essential that you have brought the right items of clothing with you, because it can be quite difficult to find something  you’ll need on the Faroe Islands themselves, seeing the lack of stores. If not hard to find, it can even be quite dangerous to go out and about without wearing the right seasonal wear. So that is why, ladies and gentleman, I am here to give you some of the best advice I can give you for the Faroe Islands: the things you absolutely need to pack.

The Faroe Islands, The Tourist Of Life

Warm accessories

Do not leave your house without packing your gloves, a scarf and a beanie. Be sure you pack gloves that not only look warm, but are also waterproof – just in case you slip and fall. These accessories are key to keeping you warm, but also: with the weather changing so much around the island, accessories are the best thing to wear when it gets colder. Layering is key!

Thermal clothing

So with me I brought one set of thermal clothes: one pair of long leggings and one long-sleeved t-shirt. You won’t need to wear them every day (probably), but when you are going to hike for bits, or if you are planning to stay outside for the longest parts of the day, you better want to feel warm and of course thermal clothes are the perfect solution.

It doesn’t even matter if you are going to wear them a lot, but you definitely want to bring them with you!

The Faroe Islands, The Tourist Of Life

Hiking Boots

You don’t only need to bring hiking boots for the longer hikes, trust me. Most of the sights you will want to see on the Faroe Islands are pretty easy to reach. Since the islands aren’t that big you don’t have to expect that you need to hike hours and hours for that one thing you want to see. You can just park your car nearby and walk the further meters.

However, since it are the Faroe Islands we’re talking about: don’t expect a lot of paths that are set out for you. When I was there I mostly stuck to the paths that the 70.000 sheep created for me. With other words: muddy, wobbly paths with some poo here and there.

You know: once your feet are cold.. you are cold. So make sure your feet are well protected against the cold and wet underground, and make sure your feet are protected from slippery undergrounds and from uneven paths.

Wind and rainproof jacket

Definitely go jacket shopping before going to the Faroe Islands. You can just bring a simple raincoat with you and wear that over your normal coat when it starts raining but I would suggest you to go to an outdoors’ store and browse around for a good wind and rainproof jacket.

I myself brought a jacket that was wind and rainproof too. Since I went in Autumn I bought a slightly thicker jacket, but not a winter jacket. I figured that I could better layer my outfits in stead of wearing one very big wintercoat. This worked quite good for me, but you should definitely look around the shop for yourself to find out what you prefer!

The Faroe Islands, The Tourist Of Life

Layer, layer, layer

As I just said: layering is key when it comes to the Faroe Islands. At one moment it is raining and next thing you know the sun bursts through. Make sure to pack loads of clothes from t-shirts, to sweaters to winter accessories to prepare yourself for the different weather conditions you can have! Make sure to pack enough too, because if you get surprised by a heavy rain shower you want to change outfits fast and give your soaked clothes the chance to dry up.

Rain trousers

Do not forget to bring something like this! If you are planning on hiking a lot (or go on these types of travels more often) I would advise you to go to an outdoors’ store to invest in a pair of really good hiking trousers that are also waterproof. If you are like me, and don’t feel like you need to invest in clothing like this, you can just bring a raincoat and rain trousers with you on your trip. These things are easy to wear over your normal clothes when you need to and are just as easily dismissed when you don’t need to wear them anymore.

The Faroe Islands, The Tourist Of Life


I felt so happy that I brought loungewear with me. The thing is: if you get home, after spending a day in the rain and wind of the Faroe Islands you gonna want to get a hot shower and relax and snuggle on the couch. How better than in your cosy loungewear and thick socks? Just a comfort thing to make your trip slightly more relaxed. But hey.. it works!