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Before making the plan to visit Alsace in France, I had literally no idea that this region existed. However, thanks to the powers of Google Maps, and making a roadtrip to somewhere within a radius of a 5 hour drive, I stumbled upon the village of Strasbourg. Which I soon found out wasn’t only a very important city for the European union but as well the beginning of the Alsace wine route.

Bam. Decided. Pretty cities, a drive through a Tuscany-like side of France and a lot of wine. My trip was planned.

So for the course of four days, in the first weekend after planning this trip (kinda last minute, I know), we drove around the vineyards of said-region, explored the little villages that decorate the wine route, tasted the wine my father recommended and basically.. enjoyed a spontaneous little mini vacation in a region that never crossed my mind before.

This trip I’ve really learned that you don’t have to go far to find gems.

Now that I know of it’s existence, I would love to drive back one more time and explore the region a bit more. 4 Days is enough to see the highlights, but nearly not enough to see everything of the region.

The chance of you not knowing about the Alsace region is present, I guess. So that is why today I am going to introduce you to this pretty little part of North-East France and quickly show you a couple (a couple) of photos I took during the weekend.

Enjoy, and thank me later.

Small introduction before we start

The Alsace Region is situated in the North-East part of France. It’s the home of the bigger city of Strasbourg, as well as magical castles, petite villages and touristic highlight Colmar (which isn’t called Little Venice without a reason). It takes you one fairly quick scenic route to head down the wine route whilst exploring the little corners of the region.

During our visit we explored Strasbourg, Riquewihr, Colmar, Koningsberg and the Haut-Koeningsbourg Castle.. and a couple of vineyards in between.

Alsace Region France - The Tourist Of Life

Strasbourg Alsace Region France - The Tourist Of Life

Surprisingly, while we stayed in Lipsheim (right below Strasbourg), and while Strasbourg normally should be the main attraction of the Alsace region, I haven’t made a lot of photos of Strasbourg. One, because I got my first introduction to the city at night, when I didn’t bring my camera with me. Second, because during the second visit to the city I mostly spend my time eating (I mean, of course), and shopping (again: of course). No time to photograph when a girl is shopping.

Strasbourg is pretty though, and I am going to give you all of my recommendations in a different blogpost (mostly about food).

Not now.

I like to keep things exciting.

Alsace Region France - The Tourist Of Life

One of the stops you have to make when visiting the Alsace Region is the Haut-Koeningsbourg Castle. I mean, you’re in France, so you’re bound to see a castle sooner or later. Haut Koeningsbourg is impressive enough as it is already, but the view.. that’s what’s most magical about this place.

Mountain detours

The second day we drove through the region of Alsace we changed course and headed into the hills (or mountains) of the region. Endless, priceless views over France, quiet roads and impressive nature took me by surprise. A detour that was definitely worth it!


Alsace Region France - The Tourist Of LifeAlsace Region France - The Tourist Of Life

While not a big world city, or not really ‘known’ amongst the big audience, it surprised me how many (international) visitors we found in Colmar. For the entire time we walked through the little village we stumbled upon big tour- and walking groups following their guides through the little streets that define the city center.

Colmar is pretty. While similar to other cities of the region Colmar is more colorful, filled with brightly painted houses, flowers and trees. I wasn’t disappointed. And even though I fell for the charmes of this little, cheerful, fairytale-like town it wasn’t my favorite. Tourists obviously define the center of the city which makes it feel a lot more commercial than the other villages of the region.

Colmar Alsace Region France - The Tourist Of LifeColmar Alsace Region France - The Tourist Of LifeColmar Alsace Region France - The Tourist Of LifeColmar Alsace Region France - The Tourist Of Life