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Three Days In Paris


Paris is beautiful. One of my favorite cities of Europe. In fact, Paris is the first city I recommend to anyone who hasn’t been to Europe before. You just need to see it. Paris is just so iconic for Europe.

Paris is, shall we say, not the cheapest city of Europe. It isn’t the most expensive one either, but it’s getting close. You can do every city on a budget, but doing Paris on a budget is a completely different level of budgeting.

Ok, most tourist attractions in Paris aren’t too expensive, the subway isn’t too expensive as well, but if you want to sleep in a good hotel in a good neighborhood you’ll have to pay for it.

Today I’m breaking down the costs of a weekend in Paris: from transportation to hotels to tours you can take, so you know how much you need to save for your trip to the heart of Europe!

Galleries Lafayettes Paris

Getting there

Flying into the city

Now obviously I don’t know where you are from and how much an airfare specifically costs from out the airport you are flying from. But I can imagine that airfares to Paris aren’t always the cheapest. If you are flying out from Europe you can fly with a budget airline like Ryan Air or EasyJet. It really depends on where you are flying from which airline you can take and how much that will cost you. But lets just say that flying in to Paris from out anywhere in Europe can cost you in between €50,- and €200,- depending on the time of year and promotional sales. Let’s just say for an average that you’ll be paying €100,- for flying in to Paris from out anywhere in Europe.

Interrailing in the city


Paris has a lot of train stations and reaching Paris by train definitely isn’t a challenge. You can for example take the train from out The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France or England. Again: the price definitely varies depending on where you are from and what time of the year you are booking. I once took the train from Amsterdam to Paris for €40 euros first class, but when I recently checked a single ticket cost around €100,-.

Hotel Stays

As in every city Paris has budget options and expensive options. Below I’ll give you three hotel prices: budget, normal and luxurious. Of course prices vary throughout the year, and you’ll be guaranteed to pay higher prices on national holidays and during high season. You’ll be traveling cheapest during the months January, February, March, Oktober and November.


Lets say that you are staying in Paris for three nights. Then you’ll get the following prices:


Budget: €160 for a bed on a dormitory Where? Young & Happy Hostel

Normal: €197,00 for a double room Where? Libertel Canal Saint Martin

Luxurious: €576,00 for a double room Where? Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s Hotel

Avenue des Champs Elysees Paris
The Eiffel Tower


Paris is a big city, and while I love to walk during my city trips I can imagine walking around the city isn’t something for everyone. Paris has a really good subway system and you’ll find a metro station almost around every corner of the city. If you buy a ticket for the metrostation that is valid for 3 days you’ll pay €27,30. A 2 day pass costs €20,00 and a one day pass will cost €12,30.


You can also rent a bike, buy a ticket for a hop on hop off bus or the public bus but I guess, considering Parisian traffic, the metro is by far the easiest choice.



Breakfast in Paris doesn’t have to be expensive. The average hotel in Paris has breakfast included in your stay so you don’t have to worry about breakfast as an expense anymore. Otherwise you can eat somewhere in the city. If there is one thing Paris has enough it is a selection of cafes, bakeries and patisseries. A breakfast like this costs around €7,00 including something to drink.



If you want to eat a budget lunch you can eat a crepe at almost every random corner of the street. This will cost you around €4,00 including a drink. If you want to grab a sandwich in one of the same stores you’ll get your breakfast you’ll pay around €8,00 for lunch. A lunch in a normally priced lunchroom will cost you around €15,00 per person.



You can make your dinner as expensive as you want it to be. Spreaded out through Paris you’ll find supermarkets selling a bunch of microwave meals or salads. You can grab a pizza in a restaurant to be cheap or order a steak for above a €100,00. Just how you want to dine – you can. Let’s just say that dinner in a regular priced restaurant will cost you €27,00 per person including drinks.

View from the Eiffel Tower Paris


Paris has a ton of museums and you can’t possibly access them all when you are only visiting the city for a weekend. But here are the ones you should add to your bucket list for sure:


Louvre: €15,00

Musée d’Orsay: €12,00

Centre Pompidou: €14,00

The prices above are all full prices: it is possible that you can get a discount because you are a student for example.

Tours & Highlights

Paris is a beautiful city with a lot of highlights tourists must visit. So below you’ll find the current prices of admissions to tours you can take in Paris and highlights you can visit!


The Eiffel Tower; €5,00 (stairs to the second floor) €14,00 (with the elevator to the top)

Notre Dame: Free if you don’t want to enter the towers

Sacre Coeur: Free entrance

Arc De Triomphe: €8,00

Bike tour: €34,00

Walking tour: €25,00

Arc de Triomphe Paris

So how much does a weekend cost..



For the average budget traveler? €348,00 ($386,07)

For the average traveler? €446,00 ($494,79)

For the luxurious traveler? + €826,00 ($916,36) (of course, when you are a luxurious traveler without a budget, a trip to Paris can easily become more than thousands of dollars.)

These prices are based on a three night stay in Paris including: hotels, airfares, food (2x breakfast, 3x lunch, 2x dinner), transportation, entree to highlights and museums.

I did not include: (souvenir) shopping, snacks and drinks you possibly buy at a bar.

How Much Does A Weekend Cost In Paris - Budget trip to Paris

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