Só Alegria - Sao Miguel Do Gostoso, Rio Grande Do Norte Brazil - The Tourist Of Life

While normally relying on hostels and the cheapest hostels during travels I found myself waking up in cheeky little paradises while traveling through Rio Grande Do Norte. I gotta say, I could get used to waking up in big, luxurious beds, eating the most beautiful (seriously, beautiful) breakfasts and taking a dip into a pool which is completely surrounded by hammocks and cocktail bars. Yes, luxury travel could be something for me.

Not for my wallet though.

Still, luxury travel in Rio Grande Do Norte isn’t that hard when you are from Europe (or Australia) seeing the currency. So don’t be afraid: these hotels are probably pretty affordable for you too!

Today, I wanted to drown in the thoughts of the lovely nights I’ve spend in Brazil one more time and I definitely wanted to show you the hotels I’ve stayed at!

Pipa Atlantico, Pipa Brazil - The Tourist Of Life

Pipa Atlantico – Pipa

We’ve spent our first night in Pipa in Pipa Atlantico. Arriving in the middle of the night I didn’t see much of the hotel but the parts I did saw definitely looked like a dream. The apartments of Atlantico are surrounding a meters long pool – a pool including bars. First time I saw bars actually inside the pool by the way.

Our apartment was fine, the hammock in front of our apartment was better and the location of Atlantico was tops. With just a short walk you’ll find yourself in the main center of Pipa – my favorite part of Rio Grande Do Norte.

Pipa Beleza Brazil - The Tourist Of Life

Pipa Beleza Spa Resort – Pipa

Now, I am just to excited to talk about this hotel – sorry, resort. When we drove up to Pipa Beleza and walked through the gates my mouth just fell open. This by far is the most luxurious hotel I’ve ever slept. I loved every detail of this hotel: from the pool and the flashy, colorful lights that decorated it and from the garden to the breakfast location and from the hanging chairs to yet again another swimmingpool-bar. Best thing? It is not even that expensive!

After entering our apartment, we ran around like small children for a while going ‘Check this out!’ ‘No, check this out!’, ‘No, wait.. It can’t.. Do we have a Jacuzzi on the roof?’ ‘YES!’.

The location of Pipa Beleza is a bit more distanced from the center of Pipa, but with a small taxi drive and an even smaller taxi price from and to Beleza this really isn’t a problem.

I could have spend days in this hotel. Wait, what am I saying? I could have spend weeks in here.

Ocean Palace, Natal - Rio Grande Do Norte Brazil - The Tourist Of Life

Ocean Palace Beach Resort & Bungalows – Natal

My first stay in a 5 star hotel ever. To be honest: I didn’t like this hotel much. When thinking of a 5 star hotel I think about a peaceful, beautiful, chique location. Ocean Palace was more of a very commercialized, somewhat cheaper, version of a 5 star hotel. To get the idea: a lot of children running around you and jumping in the pool over and over again. The breakfast hall looked like one on a cruiseship and the overal atmosphere was just.. missing. In my eyes, this was just a hotel.

Our bungalows though, were exactly right! Imagine waking up, putting on your bathrobe, opening up your curtains and your balcony doors and being eye to eye with the ocean that is right in front of you. Imagine going to sleep with the sound of waves crashing on the beach. That was basically my experience. Yes, the bungalows were just fine – except for the part where I nearly electrocuted myself because one of the plugs didn’t work.. whoops.

Só Alegria - Sao Miguel Do Gostoso, Rio Grande Do Norte Brazil - The Tourist Of Life

Só Alegria – São Miguel Do Gostoso

I’m not sure which one I liked better: Só Alegria or Pipa Beleza. Só Alegria is a small pousada in the heart of São Miguel Do Gostoso. It weren’t the rooms that made this hotel so special to me – no the rooms were just your average hotel rooms. With two beds and a bathroom.

The gardens of this hotel though, the overal atmosphere and the beach that was basically the ‘backyard’ of this hotel definitely made this pousada unique and romantic. So unique and romantic that I wouldn’t have mind if I had to spend a couple more days here.