South Seas Hotel Miami - The Tourist Of Life

After spending a few nights in a crappy hostel in Miami Beach it was time to move over to the South Seas Hotel. A luxurious hotel, right in front of the beach in the center of Miami. It was only a short 1.7 mile from hostel to hotel – so without bothering to call an Uber we decided to walk and drag our too-heavy-suitcases towards the hotel in the burning sun.

While knowing that calling the Uber asking us to drop us of 6 blocks away (quick guess) was far too unnecessary, I hated myself while struggling to push far too many clothes and bags over the boulevard in Miami.

So one work out and two burned shoulders later we finally arrived at the entrance of the South Seas Hotel. Again, greeted by one of the hotel employees who insisted in carrying my luggage for me, I felt like a lazy little girl. But who am I to say no to someone who is doing his job? So instead of saying my normal ‘no thanks I got it’ I just followed him inside, into the airconditioning of the lobby. Besides, I carried my luggage far to much already this day.

After spending three nights in a really bad – bad hostel in Miami, the South Seas Hotel was about all the relief we needed on this trip. We couldn’t wait for jumping into the pool, and that is why we already arrived at the hotel around 11 in the morning. We needed this. And luckily it lived up to expectations.

South Seas is a nice, quiet hotel with a pool – big enough for all the guests that were tanning besides it – a beautiful view from our room including two comfortable big beds and a tv, a private little area at the beach, a small area filled with hammocks in the garden of the hotel and a complementary wine and cheese hour. Need to say – the last one made me feel incredibly fancy. Oh, and a bit embarrassed when they needed to check my id before I could zip my beloved glass of wine.

The first day we arrived at the South Seas Hotel we didn’t leave the poolside until it was time to have dinner. We tanned, swam, ordered lunch at the poolside and waited long enough to join the wine and cheese hour before heading out to eat dinner. To be honest actually, we didn’t leave the poolside a lot throughout the days we stayed at the South Seas.

Miami just got better.