Puerto Princesa, Palawan The Philippines - The Tourist Of Life

A wave of heat strucks me when I walk out of the airport of Puerto Princesa. Puerto Princesa is one of the biggest cities in the Philippines – making a very vivid center in one of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines: Palawan.

Puerto Princesa is the city that is quickly overlooked by backpackers – who use the city only for her airport and then quickly race off to El Nido. Which is crowned to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Now – I’m not one to argue, but just to see a bigger part of this colorful, lively and lush island we decided to stay in Puerto Princesa as well.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan The Philippines - The Tourist Of Life

Panja Resort Palawan

Bay Vista Road  – Puerto Princesa – Palawan – Philippines

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It is the first time that someone at the airport is waiting for me with one of those little signs. ‘YVONNE’ it says in big capital letters. The man, one of the staff members from Panja Resort Palawan, quickly takes our backpacks and directs us to his little mini van. By the way – am I the only one who feels incredibly guilty for letting other people carry my bags?


It takes us an hour to get up to Panja Resort Palawan. We drive through Puerto Princesa, we spot the ocean, we see endless streams of tricycles and scooters and eventually we drive through the deep jungle – up a hill. The roads become more difficult to drive – less and less people surround us and the jungle gets more dense and green.

Where you would least expect it to be, we arrive at Panja Resort Palawan. It’s as secluded as it can be. Surrounded by big green trees and bushes. In the middle of nowhere, far out of the center of Puerto Princesa. It’s perfect.

It gets better.

The building looks modern. Thick white walls that go high up, surrounded with rows of balconies. The lobby is built mostly outside, we can already see the receptionist from out the van. She has a view I guess you can’t complain about. I guess it doesn’t rain a lot as well, seeing the minimal number of walls the hotel has.

We get welcomed with a welcome drink and a lot of friendly smiles. Our bags are already brought up our room – even faster than I noticed they were gone. The girl behind the counter is my favorite. She is such a sweet, lovely girl. She tried her best to help us book all kinds of tours and activities for our stay in Puerto Princesa – in fact, she printed out almost everything she could find on the internet about the region, leaving me and my travel partner with a thick novel-like pack of paper to study.

Our room is big enough. It’s not spectacular or extremely pretty. But then again; the view and the location definitely is. When I step out of my hotel room, onto the balcony I notice how beautiful the view is. I watch over a big, blue infinity pool, which separates the hotel from the enormous jungle. From a distance I can see the ocean and islands that lay in front of the coast. Bright blue and lush green. The view of Panja Resort is to die for.


At night it’s pitch black. Afar I can see the city lights and boats going past. It’s dark, quiet and peaceful. When I wake up I am surrounded by the sounds of nature. Exotic birds sing their songs and thousands of crickets hide in the grass. Where ever you look you’ll see a gecko slipping by.

The hotel isn’t busy. They’ve just opened their doors and the staff is still busy making the finishing touches. I like how quiet it is, but I guess this won’t last long – a unique spot like this is bound to be discovered.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan The Philippines - The Tourist Of Life