Klaksvik, Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life

I like writing about the Faroe Islands. They are beautiful, they are extremely magical and they are unique as no other. But the best thing yet: the Islands are quiet and undiscovered.

Before going myself I knew only a couple of things I needed to see, but for the further rest it was going to be an absolute surprise of how I would spend the rest of my trip. Where to go, how to get there and what to see were unanswered questions until I had to answer them for myself. Before that? Absolutely no idea. And that is one more reason why I like to write about the Faroe Islands: to give you the answers that nobody gave you yet.

There is a lot to discover on the Faroe Islands, there is a rich number of mountains you need to climb, a dozen of views you need to see, a million photos you need to take, and a lot, a lot of moments where you just need to stop and stare.

The Faroe Islands are beautiful, but a week is a great length for a stay here! And so today I am going to write down an itinerary for a seven/eight day visit to the Faroe Islands. Partly based on my own itinerary, partly based on my experience of where I WISHED I had more time.

Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life

Day one: arrival and Vágar

You’ll arrive at the main airport of the Faroe Islands, which is located at one of the biggest, one of the most southern islands: Vágar. Now since it are the Faroe Islands we’re talking about, you are probably not going to be at the airport for a long time. With just one arriving flight at the time you’ll have your suitcase in no time, and that means that you are soon ready to go.

I would advise you to rent a car in the Faroe Islands. There are busses going through the islands, but since the weather can be really bad and there aren’t a lot of restaurants where you can wait, or a lot of shops where you can go in, it is definitely a plus if you have your own car, so you can go where (and when) you want to.

For the first two nights you should definitely book an Airbnb on the island of Vágar to make sure you are going to see the beautiful places of this island.

Depending on what time your flight arrives, you can plan your day however you’d like. Go to the supermarket, drive around for a bit and relax after your long flight when the sun sets.

Lake Sorvagsvatn - Faroe Islands
Gásadalur, Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life

Day two: Hike to lake Sørvágsvatn and Gásadalur

Wake up early enough to prepare yourself for a hike up to lake Sørvágsvatn. One of the most beautiful lakes of The Faroe Islands (if it isn’t the most beautiful one of Europe) and one you definitely don’t want to miss while you are there. The hike is pretty easy, and even fit for children to do, but be sure to bring along your hiking boots, and clothes that will protect you from rain and wind. The hike takes about 1,5 hour – so 3 hours in total.

When you are ready at lake Sørvágsvatn and once you feel like you can say goodbye to the view, hurry your way back to your Airbnb to warm up, have some lunch and head over to Gásadalur. A beautiful, small town on top of a cliff! You can enjoy yourself here for quite a while – be sure to walk towards the waterfall of Gásadalur and to find the friendly neighborhood dog that is always in for a game of fetching sticks.

Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life

Day three: Mykines and moving to Eysturoy

From Vágar you can easily take the ferry to the island Mykines, a beautiful, small island that is a highlight for all tourists. The absolute attraction of this island? A petite village and lighthouse looking out over the high cliffs and ocean.

Mykines will take in most part of your day, after which you can pack your bags and drive to the island Eysturoy. When going to Eysturoy you will pass the capital but don’t worry, you’ll get there later. A planning like this is essential to make sure you’ll get to see most of the island highlights, but also: less island hopping, means less tollroads and they can get quite expensive!

My advice for you is to rent another Airbnb on Eysturoy. They are simply the best – and mostly cheaper!

Gjógv, Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life

Day four: Hello Eysturoy!

Eysturoy is an absolute gem. This island has so many cute villages, but also a lot of Buttercup Roads (the name for the scenic routes of the island) which make this island a hell lot of fun to explore. Start of by exploring Gjógv – my personal favorite of the Faroe Islands. You’ll absolutely love it too! You’ll also will find your first restaurant here (Gjaargardur Guesthouse Gjógv) and I’d say: take full advantage of that!

After seeing Gjógv you can follow the other Buttercup Roads on the island to lead yourself to some of the most beautiful places of the island.. for example to Oyndarfjørður.

After staying in Eysturoy for one night, move over to the Northern Islands! Book an Airbnb in Klaksvík (the second largest city of the Faroe Islands) and savor on some nachos in Jacqson – one of the three restaurants of town!

Klaksvik, Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life

Day five: The Northern Islands

After you’ve woken up in Klaksvík it is time to explore the northern islands! The northern islands are small and won’t take up a lot of your time, but they are fun to drive though. The Northern Islands have a different vibe, they are quiet (yes, even more quiet than the rest of the islands), and the nature seems rougher. Drive over to Viðareiði, the most northern village of the Faroe Islands, and take in the endless mountain and ocean views that will come on your path.

Return back to Klaksvík after midday, and discover what this city has to over. Drive up to the mountain on the south-side of the city to take a quick hike and take in the sight of Klaksvík from above. Absolutely worth it!

If you are up for it you can go to a bar in the evening or check out the program of the local movie theater: it’s quite big, but there is a chance you’ll have it all to yourself!

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life

Day six: Say hello to the capital!

After checking out of your Airbnb in Klaksvík it is time to head over to the capital Tórshavn. The capital is different from vibe, but you’ll be highly aware that it is the capital of the Faroe Islands – so many grass topped roofs, small stores and even the capital is surrounded by islands and mountains!

The capital isn’t big, but after driving from Klaksvík to Tórshavn, you’ll want to spend the rest of your day there. We stayed at hotel Føroyar, a beautiful hotel on top of a hill, giving you a glimpse over Tórshavn. From here on out you can hike to Tórshavn – or somewhere else, which is a perfect way to spend your time in the city!

Have dinner at least once in this hotel, because the sight of Tórshavn when it gets dark is absolutely terrific, plus the staff is very nice. Oh, also – don’t forget your gym clothes while staying in Føroyar.

Saksun, Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life

Day seven: Exploring Streymoy

Tórshavn is located on the island Streymoy. Streymoy has some beautiful places you definitely shouldn’t forget while visiting the Faroe Islands. For example: the bird cliffs of Vestmanna, which probably speaks for itself. We unfortunately didn’t have the chance to visit the bird cliffs because tours end at the beginning of October, but if you are lucky enough to visit the Faroe Islands during summer: definitely go!

You should also visit Saksun, a quint little village everyone speaks about. Saksun is situated at the end of another Buttercup Road, so the drive is definitely worth it!

At night, return back to the capital to have some dinner and to pack your bags, because tomorrow you’ll sadly be leaving the Faroe Islands. From out Tórshavn it is only a 45 minute drive to the airport, so you won’t have to leave too early, however do check if the weather predictions say it is gonna be foggy in the morning: then it might take you a bit longer to get back to the airport.

No worries though, with only 2 gates at the airport you’ll have plenty of time to go through security!

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A one week Itinerary for the Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life
A one week Itinerary for the Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life
A one week Itinerary for the Faroe Islands - The Tourist Of Life