The Amalfi Coast, Italy - The Tourist Of Life

Long before I wanted to visit Naples I heard about the Amalfi Coast. One of the most beautiful coastal area’s of Italy. When I finally booked my ticket to Naples I only thought about one thing: off to Amalfi. Naples itself wasn’t my kind of city. It was crowded, lacking of a good atmosphere, messy and most of the buildings were demolished with graffiti – not the pretty ones, but the weird ones. Eventually I spent two days in Naples itself, one day in Pompei and one day at the Amalfi coast, but at the moment I stood eye to eye with Amalfi I knew I should have planned more time for this part of Italy.


Amalfi coast - The Tourist Of Life


Amalfi coast - The Tourist Of Life Amalfi coast - The Tourist Of Life Amalfi coast - The Tourist Of Life


It is a bustour of over three hours. While Positano is pretty close to Naples, I learn that it isn’t very easy to get there. I step into a fine, comfortable bus with a total of two other passengers who are going to be my travelbuddies for the next coming three hours. 3 Hours in Italian roads always feels long, and to be honest – kinda scary. You’ll drive over highways where other Italian drives will pass you on the right and left honking their horns and you’ll drive through landscapes with sharp hairpin bend, which barely seems to work with large busses like these.


A couple of times I question whether I am sitting in the right bus. The drive is long and for what it feels like I could have already been in south Italy by now. Despite a light feeling of panic (remember this is my first solotrip ever), I enjoy the view. This is the first time that I’m being introduced to the countryside of Italy. Think of vineyards, small, old towns with even smaller and even older houses, high mountains and deep valleys. Beautiful.


Amalfi coast - The Tourist Of Life


After sitting in the bus for about 2,5 hours I can see the landscape becoming more hilly. When I see more busses passing us I know we are getting close to Amalfi. For a while I see nothing else but mountains, a couple of cows and a wooded landscape. Until, for the millionth time, our bus driver hits the break: we are getting close to another, sharp turn. When taking the turn I see a blue haze in the corner of my eye. A clear blue haze that lets me know we are now driving next to the ocean. Immediately I press my face into the window, looking at the ocean and looking for the white houses of Positano that I’ve seen before on pictures so many times. For a long time we drive above a big part of the Amalfi Coast. I see little beaches, steep rocks, a couple of white houses and trees. The water of the ocean is clear blue, as far as you can see. It takes another 30 minutes before the bus driver shouts ‘Positano’ through the bus.


The door of the bus opens and warm autumn weather greets me. Even though it is the end of October: it still is about 25 degrees in Italy. I smile when I get off the bus. The bus stop is situated directly next to the sea and behind me I see the coastal town Positano. My first real moment of happiness as a solo traveler: this beautiful view.


Amalfi coast - The Tourist Of Life


Amalfi coast - The Tourist Of Life


My first stop in Positano, after walking around for a while to take photos of the view, is a restaurant that lies directly to the beach. I order a pizza, because I feel like you should definitely eat at least one pizza during your trip to Italy. For now I just won’t mention the fact this already was my third one this trip. I lean back in my chair and enjoy the view of the ocean. A beautiful sight.


After eating my pizza I walk around the beach of Amalfi for a little bit. A small beach with colored parasols. It is quiet on the beach – outside of the touristic period you’ll see few beachgoers. The water will probably be to cold during Autumn months anyway.  There still are a couple of people who are enjoying the water and the beach, though.


I walk into the village of Positano. A town that is build on the steep mountains of Italy. I walk through the streets that somewhat test my cardio skills. Right away I notice that this town attracts a lot of tourists. Positano has a lot of restaurants, souvenirshops and giftshops. I also see a lot more tourists than I expected, considering the quiet and empty beach. I walk in and out of a couple shops and make photos of the small, white houses behind which I see the mountaintops peek.


I walk over the roads next to Positano, where on one side the houses of Positano are built and on the other side you’ll see the view over the ocean. I take in the view of the houses, the nature and the coast. And then I realize one day in Positano definitely isn’t enough and you can only understand the beauty of the Amalfi Coast after a couple of days of exploring. It is that point that I realize I will definitely return back to the Amalfi Coast somewhere in the feature.


Amalfi coast - The Tourist Of LifeAmalfi coast - The Tourist Of Life Amalfi coast - The Tourist Of Life