Top Day Trips From Out Dublin


One of the things I love about Dublin is that you won’t be able to get bored in this city. Whether you’re staying as a tourist or whether you live there. Dublin is a vivid city – night and day. Especially nights though. But no matter how long you are staying you can always find something to do. Dublin is great for a long city trip, when you want to spend time exploring Ireland but don’t have enough time to make a road trip out of it. Why? Because next to the fact that Dublin itself has a lot to offer, there are also a lot of day trips you can take from out of the city. Best thing? Not even that expensive! So be sure to include at least one or two day trips in your city trip! Otherwise you have to return to the city again some day!

Wicklow Mountains - The Tourist Of Life


Wicklow Mountains – Wicklow Mountains is a National Park close to Dublin – which is great because this means that there are a lot of organized trips to the Wicklow Mountains but that you can also go there with your own transportation. The Wicklow Mountains are beautiful, and it is a typical Irish nature area. With a day trip you have enough time to drive through the area, explore the small villages around Wicklow Mountains and stop for a short walk here and there.


Cliffs of Moher - The Tourist Of Life


Cliffs of Moher – I didn’t do this trip myself, but when I found out that some girls I had met in Dublin were doing this trip I got jealous instantly. Yes, I am one of those people that has to return back to Dublin once because I didn’t have enough time to explore wonderful nature areas of Ireland like Moher. The Cliffs of Moher is a coastal area with – as you can guess – cliffs. And when you will search for Ireland on Pinterest you can count on it that most of the photos you see are taken at the Cliffs of Moher. The Cliffs of Moher are about 3 hours away from Dublin, but there are still plenty of day trips organized that will take you to this beautiful piece of earth. I would recommend you to not make the same mistake as I made: book yourself a tour to the Cliffs of Moher!


Malahide Castle - The Tourist Of Life


Malahide Castle & Dublin Bay  – If there is one thing you know you can find in Ireland it’s a good castle. There are a lot of day tours organized from out Dublin that will take you to a castle, but the Malahide Castle definitely tops that list. This beautiful castle will be your first stop at this day tour, after which you will go to the Dublin Bay. Which is another pretty coastal area of Ireland.


Aran Islands - The Tourist Of Life



Aran Islands – The Aran Islands is a group of islands at the West coast of Ireland. These islands are as beautiful as they are special. The Aran Islands will give you are history lesson you can’t forget and you will show you a completely different side of Ireland. The three islands are filled with old ruins, and remains of forts and churches. Of course, you will also find Irish pubs on the islands and little villages. I mean.. you’re still in Ireland.. one’s gotta have some Guinness.


Belfast - The Tourist Of Life


Belfast – After Dublin, Belfast is a city you must visit in Ireland. Belfast is beautiful, marked with old buildings, pubs and churches. Next to the fact that you should visit Belfast just to visit Belfast, it is also the birthplace of the Titanic.. another iconic history lesson for you to take!


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