Pacific Coast Highway - The Tourist Of Life

The west-coast road trip: While it isn’t a certain route you follow rather than an area to explore.. it is one of the most famous ‘once in a lifetime trips’. I feel the same way.. the west-coast road trip for me was definitely a once in a lifetime trip that I secretly hope to do more often than once in my lifetime. While everyone fills in this road trip on a different way there are certain things you cannot afford to miss out on. So here they are: the seven things you can not miss on your west coast road trip!


Hackberry store, Route 66


Hackberry General Store - The Tourist Of Life


Okay, Route 66 is actually hard to miss out on, but I’m mentioning it anyway.. A road trip without a stop at the famous Route 66 isn’t a proper west-coast road trip. Do me a favour and stop at the Hackberry General Store for a moment.. definitely the coolest shop I’ve ever set foot in! The Hackberry General Store sells really cool vintage items from brands like Coca-Cola – also, the overall experience in the store makes you feel like you’ve landed in a 50s diner!


The Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco


San Francisco - The Tourist Of Life


When you are at the west-coast of the USA you shouldn’t skip a visit to San Francisco – even if it is just for a day. San Francisco was my all time favorite city of the USA – such a vivid, cultural and a modern yet unique city! Once you’ve seen the bridge of San Francisco you can return back to your car happily. I mean it from the bottom of my heart – mostly the weather is so foggy you can’t even see a bit of the bridge, so yes – you’ll be happy once you’ve seen it.


Old Faithful, Yellow Stone




Every 60-80 minutes the biggest geiser of Yellow Stone comes to life. That is also the reason why it is called Old Faithful; as faithful as she is to erupt so frequently. Easy enough for all the tourists who visit Yellow Stone; they wait, and wait until another 60 minutes go past! Still, while very touristic you shouldn’t miss the eruption of Old Faithful – you’re there anyway.


The Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica


Santa Monica Pier - The Tourist Of Life



Visiting the Santa Monica Pier will make you one happy little person – and you’ll feel like an American. The Santa Monica Pier is the home of fun, joy and a number of famous movie scenes. A must-visit during your road-trip, just because it is so different and fun!


Pacific Coast Highway


Pacific Coast Highway - The Tourist Of Life


The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most famous scenic routes in the USA, and once you’ve seen the photos, you know why. While The Pacific Coast Highway isn’t really a destination you should ‘visit’ rather than it is a road you cross, the quote ‘it is not the destination, but the journey that counts’ feels right at place here!


Grand Canyon West, Arizona


Skywalk Grand Canyon - The Tourist Of Life



The West point of the Grand Canyon is often forgotten by a lot of travelers, who normally stick by the South Rim and Horseshoe Bend. Don’t forget to visit the West point where you can ‘walk’ over the Grand Canyon.. if you dare.


Antelope Canyon


Antelope Canyon - The Tourist Of Life


Get the feeling like you’ve jumped into your desktop, and make a stop at Antelope Canyon. Don’t. Ever. Skip. This. Highlight. Antelope Canyon is one of the most pretty national parks of the USA and once you’ve stepped foot into the canyon you know why.


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