London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

I’m homesick to London already. And the only thing I can do right now is reminiscing about my time in the city, about the beautiful streets that decorate London and about the lovely pubs and city parks that lay around every corner.

London is my home away from home.

As I said in previous articles, this London visit was my fourth one, followed pretty quickly after my first three visits to the city. At first I was kinda scared I wouldn’t see much new things. I really didn’t know how to spend my time in the city as well. However I managed to do a lot of fun things that made this trip one to remember.

That is why today I wanted to write about the things I did in London during this trip that made it super fun. To inspire you.. in a more personal way.

I wrote articles like this before about Barcelona and Madrid, as a variation on the ’10 things to do in..’ articles and to give you a more personal perspective. Well, yeah, you get the point, here are the 7 things I did in London, during my fourth trip!

Camden Town London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

I Searched for food at the Camden Market

I freaking adore the Camden Market and the food market in Camden, and just as I did during my last trip I searched for loads of food at the market. Searching food at the Camden Market isn’t the hardest task in the world, seeing the number of food stalls and food trucks at the Camden Market. Choosing food can just be the hard part though. Good food. Glorious food. Glorious food everywhere. So many good smells and so many good looking foods make it so incredibly hard to only choose one meal at the Camden market.

London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

I Rented a bike

Biking through London was probably one of my biggest fears. Even as a Dutchie who holds three bikes in her backyard. However, biking at the other side of the road, yield left AND biking in between the London traffic seemed like a bit of a problem – especially for a blond girl like me who can hardly recognize the difference between left and right anyway. However, after visiting London for so many times, having a short amount of time and having a busy schedule we decided we really needed to speed up the traveling in between. So that is why we decided to rent a bike anyway. Killed it, nailed it.. loved it!

Primrose Hill London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

Watched the London view from Primrose Hill

I adore city parks, and while Hyde Park definitely is one of my favorite city parks ever I stumbled upon an other different and slightly better one: Primrose Hill. Primrose Hill is a quieter, smaller and lovely park, providing you with a serene and beautiful view over the London skyline. We had the perfect weather to enjoy, the best spot and the most gorgeous view.. perfect!

London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

I saw the London highlights at night

London is beautiful.. during day and night. However, there is just something magical about city lights that appear at night time. Something so magical that definitely can’t be topped or compared with Londen during the day. This fourth visit I brought to London I finally saw the highlights during nighttime. So, so beautiful that I am really wondering why I haven’t seen this before!

Abbey Road London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

I saw the Beatles Crosswalk

One of the most famous crosswalks on the planet.. and I never thought of it as a touristic sight. Until Lotte, one of my travel buddies during this trip, told us she definitely wanted to see this. While I never would have come up with this idea myself it definitely was fun to see the crosswalk on Abbey Road myself! Yet another thing that I can cross off from my London bucketlist, while not even knowing it was on my bucketlist!

London, UK - The Tourist Of Life

I took the bus

The famous red London busses. For some reason I never took the bus in London before.. I always sticked with the underground. While the underground is a lot faster it also is a lot more boring since you see a lot less from the city itself while traveling underground. So this time we decided to take a bus from Kings Cross to Notting Hill to make it less a ‘waste of time’. Yeah, guess that happiness is in the smaller things in life because this actually was pretty fun!

London The Sting
London The Sting

I shopped

London is THE perfect city for shopping, and so I did just that. My favorite part to shop is around Soho, and Covent Garden where you’ll find tons of fun, smaller, better decorated stores. However I also just like the vibe in these two areas which makes shopping so much more fun. During my first two trips to London I shopped a lot around Oxford Street but I just can’t bother to push myself through the crowds anymore. Jup, shopping in Soho is SO much better. The photos above are made in The Sting, at Regent Street (not Soho, yeah, I know), such a beautiful store!