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7 Countries That Are On Top Of My Bucketlist


My bucket list will never be long enough and day by day it grows even longer as it already is. I like putting things on my bucket list – while a lot of people will think of it as ‘Jeez, I still need to do so much’ I will think of it as ‘Yes, so much beautiful things to do and explore!’.


Over the years I’ve been able to cross a lot of things my bucketlist. I did a road trip through the USA, I visited New York, I visited the Caribbean and I saw beautiful cities like Venice and Paris. And this year I will make my first trip to Asia as well as South America! However, there are still so much things I haven’t seen and haven’t done yet. And with every thing I can cross of my list I will add another 10 things.


My bucketlist is endless, but just as any other list there is always something that tops it. Today there are seven things that top my list and I thought it would be fun to share the countries I would like to visit most with you! Maybe some other time I will share my top seven bucket list activities with you!


Do let me know which cities and places you would like to visit!

Costa Rica - The Tourist Of Life


Costa Rica


Since I’ve discovered the beauty of Costa Rica about four years ago I am counting the days till I can visit this country myself. But visiting Costa Rica from out Europe (or the Netherlands at least) is a pretty hard thing to do. Not impossible though. Next to the fact that it is pretty expensive it also takes you about 30 hours to get there – if you want to get the cheapest (expensive) flight.


Still, I want to visit Costa Rica as soon as possible. Just looking at the photos of the nature of Costa Rica makes my mouth water. Costa Rica would be my all time favorite destination to visit – hiking through the jungle, feeding sloths as a volunteer and enjoying la pura vida! I think it is pretty obvious that I am dying to go to Costa Rica.

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South Africa


While there aren’t many African countries on my bucket list I would love to visit South Africa.. and especially Cape Town. Cape Town is a beautiful city, and the nature of South Africa that is surrounding it is even better! I already have planned out half of my ‘Cape Town itinerary’ for once I finally make it to the city! And once I am there.. I would definitely include a safari to my trip. Jup, I cannot wait to go to South Africa!

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It is hard to choose a favorite country in South America, as I think that all the countries there are so incredibly beautiful. By far, South America is my favorite continent. However, if I had to choose, I would choose to visit Bolivia first. The towns of Bolivia look cute and colorful, the ambiance looks festive and pure and the nature looks overwhelming and simply beautiful.


I would love to do a backpacking tour through South America, crossing Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile! Does this still count as one Bucketlist item?

View over the mountains and a lake - The Tourist Of Life




I never heard much about Canada until I saw another blogger travel through the Alberta Region. I fell in love with the lakes and the mountains of this part of Canada. It looks beautiful! And if I would travel to Canada myself I would definitely start at the Alberta Region. However, I would also love to visit cities like Montreal, Québec and Vancouver!

Bali - The Tourist Of Life




The islands of Indonesia are beautiful, and it almost feels like everyone has visited it but me. I am dying to see the beauty of Indonesia for myself, from the popular islands like Bali and Java as well as the less touristic islands like the Togean Islands and the Gili Islands.

Maldives - The Tourist Of Life




I need to go to the Maldives. A couple of years ago I thought: ‘Well, it is pretty and all but I wouldn’t go to the Maldives because it looks boring.’. I had to came back on that quite quickly! Now, the Maldives are even on my bucket list top 10! I think mainly this is because I mostly organise pretty busy travel schedules, with days of exploring and days of sore feet. But sometimes.. a girl just needs a beach and turtles.

Iceland - The Tourist Of Life




I’ve heard so much good stories about Iceland, and yet I haven’t visited the country myself. Iceland has been on my bucket list for quite some time now, and when I ever get the chance to visit the country I immediately want to include a visit to the Faroe Islands as well: a small piece of Europe that I most desperately want to go to! Most bloggers who travel through Europe won’t skip a visit to Iceland, and thanks to them I have a complete itinerary ready for the time I will visit it myself!