Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

While for the first time this year I felt the sun burn on my face I made my way through the glorious city of Barcelona. I expected a lot from this city, but in reality the city was everything I didn’t expect. While I wasn’t in love with Barcelona, I still loved to walk around the old, narrow, not-so-logical streets and I still loved the beach, the tapas and the atmosphere at night.

I spent a total of 3,5 days in Barcelona. I walked more than I ever did during a citytrip and I learned more of the history of Barcelona than I could imagine.

Barcelona was the first piece of Spanish ‘land’ I visited for myself. I’ve been to Ibiza before, a couple of years back, but for some reason that never felt ‘Spanish’ enough to me. I mean, let’s face it – it’s just a big party island packed up with tourists and dj’s.

The real Spanish atmosphere in Barcelona was everything that I could dream of. And for just that I would return any day.

A while back I wrote an article about the 8 things I did in Madrid, as a more personal version of the ‘things to do in ..’ articles. I think that articles like this are quite hard to write about big cities like Barcelona, since there are so much more things you must do than just 10. So that is why today I am going to share with you (just like I did in the Madrid-article) the 6 things I did in Barcelona that I loved and that I could definitely recommend to you!

Barcelona, The Bunker - The Tourist Of Life

Walked my way up to the Bunker for a Barcelona sunset

A while back I’ve dedicated a complete article to the Bunker. The Bunker was something I had never heard of before visiting it myself. Most tourists have never heard of it before. That is why it is such a quiet, lovely place to visit. The Bunker in Barcelona was by far my favorite thing in Barcelona and that is why it is no surprise this to-do first came to mind while writing this article.

I’ve dedicated a complete article with photos I took from the Bunker because really: in this short amount of text I cannot express the love I have for this small piece of city. That is why I really would love it if you would check out this article about The Bunker in Barcelona, just to see what I am talking about.

Tasted my first Sangria

Filled with good courage, my wine-loving me decided to order a Sangria over tapas. My friend Mary decided not to join me, because she didn’t like the taste of it. ‘I bet I like it, it looks so good and sweet’. And so I drank my first sip of a way too large glass of sangria. Yeah, let’s just say, the taste of sangria wasn’t for me. Let’s just say that I didn’t like it very much. Mary started laughing at me when I she saw my face after my first taste. She laughed and pointed at my glass of sangria. Jup, that big, fishbowl of a wineglass was mine to finish. Nice.

Never again.

However… for a brief moment I was acting and feeling very Spanish. And that was the part I liked.

Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

Spent a day at the beach

We were sure that ONE day in Barcelona was gonna be crowned as beach day. And so it was. The third day in the city, after seeing quite a lot already we made our way to the beach of Barcelona. A pretty, Egyptian sanded beach, viewing over the blue ocean with Barcelona’s skyline behind it. We went to the beach early. With a surprising amount of space to choose from we stalled our towels on the sand and started our tanning-day. In the beginning of the afternoon it started getting busier. More tourists and locals were surrounding us at the beach. When looking up and looking over the beach we probably had already looked ten salesmen in the eyes who came running up to us afterwards ‘let me braid your hair!’, ‘aqua?’, ‘feet massage?’.

The beach began to get more and more crowded and soon it was just packed. Packed enough to make us leave.

The beach of Barcelona itself is a really good place to spend some free time, and my tan definitely got better after spending hours at the beach. However, if I were you I would advice you to go early, to avoid the crowds. As we did.

Joined the Sandeman free walking tour

If you want to do one city tour in Barcelona I would urge you to do the Sandeman free walking tour. I had the best time walking through Barcelona and learning about her history. We had the best guide with the most fun stories about the city. Barcelona really has an interesting and quite funny history, and if it wasn’t for the Sandeman walking tour I wouldn’t have known about most of the things they told me. So yeah: definitely join this tour!

Brunch & Cake Barcelona
Brunch & Cake Barcelona

Ate my breakfast at Brunch & Cake

So, since I was only in Barcelona for three days I couldn’t possibly tell you all about the places where you have to go for brunch and dinner and so on. However, this place I just needed to share with you. At our first day in Barcelona we stumbled upon the restaurant Brunch and Cake. Their food is sooo sooo good and that is why we decided to head back there again for another breakfast.

Brunch & Cake does a lot of healthy ‘hipster’ kinda breakfasts like avocado toast and smoothie bowls.. really good! Lucky for us I am one of those people who always makes photos of their food, so check out the photos above to get an impression of their menu!

Enjoyed the creations of Antoni Gaudi

When in Barcelona you hunt down the creations of Antoni Gaudi. That is just how it goes.

While not being entirely sure how to feel about his architecture it for sure was fun to see his creativity in real life. Our hostel was about two houses away from one building he designed, a couple of blocks away from the Sagrada Familia and a long walk away from Park Güell. I think I loved the park the most. While just strolling through this piece of nature in Barcelona you overlook the creations of Antoni Gaudi and.. -bonus- the skyline of Barcelona (which by the way is way better from the Bunker, though). The Sagrada Familia kinda disappointed me. By far this building has got to be the strangest building I have ever seen in my life. However, that made it fun to see as well!

Sagrada Familia Barcelona