Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

Spain is vibrant, alive, warm and welcoming. As one of the biggest cities in Spain, Barcelona has grown to be a central meeting point for travelers, expats, students and of course the Spanish themselves.

In between the narrow streets of the oldest part of the center you’ll find small bars, local boutiques and of course the many, many Spanish restaurants. Here and there, in between some of the oldest houses, you’ll catch a glimpse of the ocean and her waves. It makes for a perfect picture and a perfect vibe.

Outside of the old part of the city you’ll find more modern streets. The newer part is decorated with buzzing night clubs that keep on going all night and expensive stores for the shopping public. You think New York is a city that never sleeps? Try Spain!

I adore Spain, and I try to visit as often as I can. Spain basically is everything The Netherlands isn’t. I adore the Spanish culture, the friendly locals, the weather and of course.. the food.

There are many, many highlights spreaded out through the city that keeps the average tourist going. But as I mentioned on my blog before: I simply can’t name them all. Even if I could – I’m not going to, let’s keep that a Tripadvisor-thing.

I’ve written about Barcelona before on the blog, though. I’ve written about my trip through Spain I made last year, which of course included Barcelona, and I’ve written about my six favorite things I did while I spent some time in the city. But for now: let’s just talk about WHY you need to visit in the first place!

Barcelona, The Bunker - The Tourist Of Life
Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

Because.. tapas

Of all the restaurants I like – trust me, I like food – tapas bars in Spain definitely are my favorites. When the sun has already set, and it is close to midnight, the tapas bars slowly get more and more visitors. The center is filled with the best restaurants you can imagine. And after spending a day at the beach and walking miles and miles through Barcelona to discover all the best, you definitely want to end your day in one of these tapas bars.

In the end of the evening restaurants are always packed. Packed with people who are just like you, and visiting the city for just a few days, and packed with people who spend their entire years in the city. Chatting with their friends and family while waiting for one of their favorite tapas dishes. One thing is for certain when you end your night at one of these tapas places: you’ll definitely feel like you’re in Spain.

For a beautiful Barcelona sunset

With a short – yet tough – hike you’ll find yourself in one of the most beautiful and most hidden spots. The biggest part of the crowd stay far away from this hill, and appreciate the view from, for example Park Gaudi, but trust me: this one is far better.

I’m talking about The Bunker. The Bunker is a beautiful old ruin from off where you have the most beautiful view for a Barcelona sunset in a relaxed atmosphere. Bring a picknick with you when heading towards The Bunker, pick a spot (there isn’t much space, so don’t arrive just before sunset), drink a beer, and enjoy the city at her finest hour.

For the football team

If there is one thing Barcelona is passionate about.. it’s their football team. And when visiting Barcelona you definitely need to check for tickets for a match of their local team: FC Barcelona.

Witnessing a match of FC Barcelona let’s you experience the most brilliant thing in Spain – something you will always remember. Feel the adrenaline when FC Barcelona almost scores, have fun shouting and yelling with locals, try to sing along with their anthems and enjoy Spain like you are Spanish yourself! I promise you; this might just be the coolest thing you’ll do in Spain!

Sagrada Familia Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

For Gaudí

Spreaded out through the city you’ll find tons of architectural creations from one of Barcelona’s most celebrated artists: Antoni Gaudí. Antoni Gaudí has to be one of the first reasons why you visit Barcelona. His buildings, and of course La Sagrada Familia are some of the top reasons why Barcelona is on the map after all! Gaudí’s creations are one of a kind and only to be found in Barcelona. So I guess that is a pretty good reason for your inner traveler to come over to Barcelona!

Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life
Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life
Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life
Barcelona, Spain - The Tourist Of Life

For her history

The center speaks for itself and the walls are thick and old. The  churches and hidden squares let you think about their past and the modern history perfectly captures the growth of the city. After waking up in your own little domain, that is yours for just those few days – situated in an just as old building you’ll learn to discover Barcelona.

I definitely think that the city has a funny history – which makes it even better to discover. I learned about the history of the city when I joined a free walking tour. During these three hours I definitely learned the funniest things about the city. I for example learned that Barcelona turned down the Eiffel Tower, which is why it now stands in Paris. I also learned that they built the city beach with Egyptian sand and Californian palmtrees. And I learned that Barcelona put herself on the map after investing money from the Olympics in tourism.

So while we’re at it: definitely do a Sandeman’s walking tour when you are visiting Barcelona. It’s the perfect way to explore and learn! You all know I am a big fan of walking tours anyway – but honestly: this was the best one I’ve joined so far!

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Barcelona - The Tourist Of Life
5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Barcelona - The Tourist Of Life
5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Barcelona - The Tourist Of Life