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Getting away from the crowds gets harder and harder every day. The more people travel, and the cheaper traveling gets, the harder it becomes to find destinations where you don’t walk into a queue for every single thing you do, where you don’t end up in massive crowds that make it hard to even enjoy the peace and serenity of a single place. Today, along with four other bloggers I’m giving you a list of 5 destinations worldwide where you can definitely go to escape the crowds!

The Faroe Islands

While not having visited it myself yet (I’m going in October, YAY!), I definitely know The Faroe Islands are worth visiting as well as a place to escape the crowds. Proof? With a limited number (seriously – limited) of hotels and Airbnb’s, you seriously can’t walk into a lot of people as there just aren’t that many people to be found on the island. The Faroe Islands are getting more and more popular though, so my guess is that within a couple of years the number of hotels or Airbnb’s have doubled. So still looking for a place to escape the crowds? Definitely go to Faroe Islands.. now!

Dumitor, Montenegro - The Tourist Of Life

Durmitor – Montenegro

After a grueling hot two and a half weeks in the Balkans, we arrived in the mountains of northern Montenegro. The destination: national Park Durmitor. It was a relief in every sense of the word… not just was it a good five degrees cooler than all the other places we’d been, it was also deserted. In the height of summer we hardly ran into more than a few dozens of people in the whole national park. I know people throw around the word ‘stunning’ like it’s nobody’s business, but Durmitor really is gorgeous. Literally breathtaking. The nature was almost alien-like with it’s lakes, canyon, highlands and mountains. I couldn’t understand nobody seemed to know about this place, so now I’m sharing my secret.

Milou –

New Zealand

It’s hard to put into words just how magical and beautiful New Zealand really is. Famously known as ‘middle earth’, tourists are attracted to the country for many reasons. Whether it be for adrenaline rushes, nature encounters, pristine beaches or for the delicious food, there is something for everyone. I’ve found that throughout my travels, New Zealand has stood out to me for many reasons, but a key one being the lack of crowds. This could be due to the fact that New Zealand is relatively far away from many other continents, and the fact it tends to be a bit expensive. But, all worth it, I promise. I visited last year just as the summer season was beginning, and never once was I annoyed or frustrated by masses of tourists ruining New Zealand’s natural beauty.  While some cities will always be crowded with tourists year round, such as Auckland and Queenstown, other locations I found were a lot quieter, for example The Coromandel in the North Island and Picton in the South Island!

Sophie –

Little Corn Island – Nicaragua

Little Corn Island is one of the few Caribbean islands untouched by the hands of tourists…for now. The only way to get there is by taking a generally over packed wooden panga boat through questionably high waves from Big Corn. You will get wet, you might get sea sick, and you will get really cozy with your neighbors…but once you get to the island you’ll forget all about the boat ride because you’ll see a tiny paradise. Picturesque beaches are around every bend, they are trash free and riddled with coconuts. Watersports are plenty. Go fishing, grab snorkel gear and head out to the reefs right off shore, or go scuba diving. Scuba is the main attraction of the island. Getting certified on Little Corn is a snap (can be done is just a few days) and inexpensive. Prepare to share your day’s dive stories with fellow travelers at the local bar. Little Corn is small…did I mention you can hike around the entire island in a day? Or take a hike to the old lighthouse for a panoramic view at sunset. What’s not to love? You’ve got beaches, relaxation, and adventure. It is your own “little corn”-er of paradise.

Katie –

Canyonlands National Park – Utah

Not too far from the more touristy Arches National Park, the Canyonland National Park is the perfect destination to escape from the crowd. With turn outs and viewpoints clearly marked, this rugged and underrated national park is ideal for self-guided trips. The Needles and Maze area are great locations for hikers looking for a photography bonanza. Besides, horseback riding, ranger-led programs and guided tours are also available. For those looking for adventures, rafting in the Cataract Canyon is definitely your kind of activity.

Vivian –