12 Unique Towns In Europe To Add To Your Bucketlist

While every city has her own charms, some will stick by you: some towns are just so unique, so magnificent and so breathtaking that you can’t forget them. Not even if you try to. Today I’m going to share 12 towns.. the ones that will stick by.. with you. 12 Towns you need to add to your bucketlist as you will not find any cities like these somewhere else, any time soon!


Bibury – England


Birbury, England - The Tourist Of Life


This small town in England definitely has the cute factor – if not the photograph-proof factor. Bibury is a completely different side of England than you probably are used too. Compared to London, this looks like the middle ages. But the houses in Bibury are definitely worth checking out.  Definitely a unique place to visit!


Fira – Greece


Santorini - The Tourist Of Life


Think about Greece and you’ll think about the white houses with the blue rooftops. Yes, only in Greece you’ll find white / blue houses like this. Where will you find the prettiest? Definitely in Fira, the main city of Santorini, where architecture like this completely took over.


Alberobello – Italy


Alberobello - Italy


A city like Alberobello is a city you will not be likely to find anywhere else. It definitely doesn’t look like the normal Italy we all know. The small town of Italy is famous for her unique houses and roofs. While not very touristic, Alberobello is getting more and more known, which means you should visit it very soon if you want to visit it in peace!


Bourtange – The Netherlands


Bourtange - The Netherlands - The Tourist Of Life



I am sure that you have never seen a city shaped like a star before. In The Netherlands you can find a couple of cities like these – all results from the Middle Ages, where cities like these were built to protect the castles. Today, Bourtange is one of the best kept and maintained ‘star-shaped’ cities of The Netherlands.. and therefor an addition to your bucketlist!


Burano – Italy


Hidden gems of Venice - Burano - The Tourist Of Life


Burano is the so-called colorful version of the main island of Venice. In Burano every house has a different color and every street is different. Only a boat tour away from the Venice we all know, so why not put it on our to-do list? The small, charming island is definitely a must-visit!


 Cappadocia – Turkey


Cappadocia - The Tourist Of Life


The ancient city of Cappadocia is formed by volcano eruptions. After that habitants build houses and churches in the remaining limestone. You won’t see a village like this any time soon, and that is definitely why you should add Cappadocia to your bucket list!


Rudesheim – Germany


Rudesheim - The Tourist Of Life



There are a couple of cities looking like this; mostly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, some villages just stand out, just like Rudesheim, where most houses have these specific white/brown walls. As this city is also less touristic and lesser known it definitely is worth visiting.. your ‘visit’ will feel more authentic. But mostly: just look at the picture above.. that will tell you why you should visit it!


Hum – Croatia


Hum Croatia - The Tourist Of Life



Hum is the smallest city of Europe – if not the smallest city of the world. Hum obviously isn’t a place where you can stay for a long time, as it is so small. But it is definitely a must-visit once you’re in Croatia. Who can say they’ve visited the smallest town of the world? In a couple of years: you can!


Lucerne – Switzerland


Lucerne - The Tourist Of Life



Lucerne has it all: while the buildings in this city are charming and old – you can see the modern part of town shining through. Surrounded by lakes and mountains Lucerne is the perfect town to visit and with her unique appearance she won’t leave your mind for a while!


Bruges – Belgium


Bruges Belgium - The Tourist Of Life


Bruges is known as the hidden gem of Belgium. While certainly not hidden anymore, as Bruges nowadays is a hotspot for backpackers, it still is a pure gem. Thanks to her unique appearance, with brick houses and special rooftop decorations as you’ll only find in Belgium, you definitely know why Bruges made this list!


Seyðisfjörður – Iceland


Iceland - The Tourist Of Life



When you visit Iceland you shouldn’t miss out on the special little village of Seyðisfjörður: a small, charming village on the northern side of Iceland. Why so unique? Thanks to the architecture, the total appearance and the weather conditions (you should definitely visit this village when it’s covered in snow) this little piece of earth is as unique as it can be!


Sighisoara – Romania


Sighisoara, Romania - The Tourist Of Life


Colorful is what marks this town. But further than that Sighisoara has to be on your bucketlist because of the unique features of it. The town is old, houses are build crooked or are sinking away into the ground. This, in combination with the colors of the city, and the small alleys, makes it definitely an unique place to visit!