Making your flight more comfortable - The Tourist Of Life

Whether long or short.. flights are a waste of time, uncomfortable and unpleasant. That of course, if you fly economy and have to sit up straight for the hours spend on the plane. I personally enjoy the fuss around flying.. I love spending my time at airports, searching for a new perfume at the Taxfree stores – even though, for some reason, the perfume is still more expensive than in our local drugstore – I love watching people walk by with their suitcases – ready to go home or ready to leave for travels. I enjoy the overall ambiance at airports.. but the flights? Sometimes the view you get is priceless, but mostly you just fly above the water or above the clouds, seeing nothing of the ground kilometers below you. So yeah, whenever I fly I want to make it myself as comfortable as I can, and lately I feel like I’m doing it right, so here they are: the 10 tips to make your flights more comfortable.

1. Wear home socks – first thing I do after taking a seat? Shoes off – chill-socks on! For some reason, taking your shoes off makes you feel soooo much more comfortable!

2. Don’t forget to bring your sleeping mask – A sleeping mask makes it much more easy for you to fall asleep – you won’t be bothered by the stewardesses and other passengers, and you won’t be bothered by lights – from outside, from reading lights or from movie screens.

Airplane - The Tourist Of Life

3. Drink enough water – Stay hydrated and keep drinking water. The air in flights dehydrates your skin very fast which results in dry eyes, headaches.. and you just feel terrible. So keep drinking, even though you’re not thirsty!

4. Beauty articles – .. On that note, don’t forget to bring a couple of beauty articles with you: don’t put too much make-up on, as a flight is a great way to relax your skin. But do bring your beauty articles with you in a flight: so keep them in your hand luggage. Bring a moisturizer, daydream, lip balm, deodorant and perfume to keep you feeling fresh. Things like these make you feel a lot more comfortable.

5. Wear comfortable layers – I don’t know about you, but I always get cold in flights, so I always wear my big, chunky, oversized I <3 New York sweater during flights. I stay comfortable because this sweater is really soft, doesn’t irritate me because it is so big and keeps me warm.. always! Don’t even think about wearing uncomfortable blazers – even though they are amazingly fashionable – don’t think about wearing to short dresses or skirts and don’t think about heels (unless your taking them off in flights). Don’t think about your looks – think about your comfort!

6. Bring food with you – Mostly stewardesses offer you the choice between two meals.. but we know how it goes with airplane-food. They are either delicious or pretty gross which makes you feeling hungry the rest of the flight. So always bring something yourself – no matter if you’re bringing potato crisps or an apple: just bring something, just in case.

Airplane - The Tourist Of Life

7. If you can choose your chair.. – do so: I’m a pretty tall woman, and with some bad luck I can’t feel comfortable in a flight just because I can’t stretch my legs. I always want to sit at an aisle seat because I can stretch my legs that way and my flight will become a lot more comfortable. However, if you are planning to sleep for the most of the flight you might want to book a window seat as you can rest your head more easily that way.

8. Walk around the plain – After a couple of hours of flying you will feel uncomfortable. Don’t be shy and just walk round the airplane a couple of times – or combine a walk with a bathroom visit. You’ll feel more fresh and your body will get the chance to relax and stretch.

9. Earplugs and earphones – Falling asleep will become so much more easy if you distance yourself from the noise around you. So whether you choose earplugs, or earphones.. it doesn’t matter.. as long as you’ll be able to fall asleep!

10. Use your time – You’ll feel a lot more comfortable when you use your time doing things you like – otherwise you’ll end up looking at the clock the entire flight which makes it feel much longer and less comfortable. So be sure to bring games, (home)work, movies, charged tablets / laptops and books with you to kill time!