10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf, Germany

DÜSSELDORF IS THE PERFECT WEEKEND BREAK – for everyone who is looking for a different part of Germany to visit. The city is small and vibrant but has plenty of activities to offer tourists. With many international influences, an old town surrounded with new, modern buildings and a bustling artscene, no tourist will get bored in Düsseldorf.

While there aren’t many tourists yet, this is bound to change within the next couple of years. Düsseldorf is putting herself more and more on the map as a real tourist destination already!

So whether you are visiting Düsseldorf as a stopover, whether you saw a cheap Ryan Air air fare to Weeze OR you just discovered Düsseldorf is a perfect stop on your Germany roadtrip.. I won’t advice you otherwise than to just visit and explore this wonderful city!

10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf, Germany
10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf

Drink an Altbier

Düsseldorf almost equals Altbier, and that is exactly what the first thing is you must do: drink it! Throughout the town you can find breweries that sell their own made Altbier. Heck, you can even find bars that sell nothing else but Altbier – not even soda(!). I must say that even though I am not a beer-drinker at all I actually quite liked the beer in Düsseldorf. I had absolutely no problem browsing through the different breweries searching for a better beer than the previous one.

But it’s not only just the beer itself that makes you want to join in. It’s the atmosphere around the little bars. Right away you’ll notice the feeling of solidarity that comes along with discovering Altbier. You immediately are surrounded by loads and loads of guest who are happily drinking their beers outside of little pubs and block the entire streets. You literally can’t get around it!

Visit the Schlossturm

Did you think the Televisieturm is the only viewpoint in Düsseldorf? Guess again. In the middle of the old town, at one of the oldest, biggest squares you’ll find the Schlossturm. While it at first sight it doesn’t seem like a viewpoint that is open for visitors – it definitely is. A small elevator that carries three people at a time will take you up the tower, where at the top you’ll find a small, panoramic restaurant. A perfect spot to have your Frühstück (breakfast), lunch or to taste one of their homemade cakes.

The restaurant at the Schlossturm makes for a great stop during the day, with one of the most beautiful views you can have in Düsseldorf: Look out over the old town of Düsseldorf and watch the Televisieturm from afar!

Tour the Media Harbour

With just a small, romantic walk next to the river that flows through Düsseldorf you’ll find yourself in the Media Harbour. High buildings with a very modern touch surround you. The Televisieturm peeks out where ever you look. There is a lot to discover around the Media Harbour and it seems like every architectural piece was designed with a deeper meaning. So be sure not to skip this area when visiting Düsseldorf!

K21 museum. 10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf
K21 museum. 10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf

Be a spider at the K21

One of the best experiences I had during my visit to Düsseldorf was my visit to the K21 museum. This museum of modern arts has one of the funniest, most interactive art installations I’ve ever seen. I’m talking about he In Orbit installation by Tomás Saraceno. The installation is based on a gigantic spiders web. It makes it possible for you to act like a spider yourself for once at this 31 meter high installation.

It’s not the best thing to do when you are afraid of heights, but it definitely is a great experience to have!

Come to rest at one of the parks

You know I love a park more than anything – it’s the perfect spot to discover a city’s ambiance and her locals. Düsseldorf has a couple of city parks where you can come to rest and soak up the city’s sun. Find one close to the old town: the Hofgarten, a park which you will find sooner or later when walking through Düsseldorf. A garden surrounded by art and culture and the perfect stop during your wanders.

On both sides of the river you’ll find almost nothing but green. Pick a spot, watch the the boats go past and stare at the houses on the other side. Sigh and watch.

Rent a bike

One thing I loved during my visit to Düsseldorf was the couple of hours when I could explore Düsseldorf by bike. Because the city is relatively small, it’s a great city to discover while speeding on two wheels. See the Media Harbour, explore the old town (admitted: not the most comfortable streets to bike), ride through the parks and with the river on your side and discover the hidden little streets you would have forgotten about otherwise.

Search for street art

The more I travel the more I start to realize literally every city has at least one district where street art dominates. In Düsseldorf you’ll find a same district. Close to the Hauptbahnhof, you’ll start to discover more and more mural masterpieces. But one street in particular is the street you need to look out for: the Kiefernstrasse. This street, while at first glance looks like a normal street, is the home of a numerous colored, painted and decorated houses. It’s a perfect hidden spot in Düsseldorf.

10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf, Germany

Watch over Düsseldorf in the Televisieturm

While I never actually visited Düsseldorf before getting the chance last week, I always knew that the Televisieturm was the thing you needed to enter when exploring the city. How can you miss it anyway, when seeing the top of the Televisieturm rise above the buildings and houses.. everywhere. Admitted: the skyline of Düsseldorf isn’t the most impressive one you’ll see. But watching over a city is always a great way to explore. City’s always look so peaceful from above.

Tour the old town

Old churches, crooked pavements, historical buildings, high towers and story telling monuments. The Old Town of Düsseldorf isn’t particularly big, but her walls tell stories. And those are all you need to hear when walking through the old town, discovering all there is to discover. Learn about the restaurant that is named after the grumpy owner. Find the historical monument that shows the growth of Düsseldorf. See the town hall and learn why Düsseldorf is known as the longest bar in the world.

You simply can tour the old town by yourself, by bike, with a walking tour or even with the Alt Bier Safari. Fun times guaranteed.

Explore the art scene

Düsseldorf is known for her extraordinary, modern art scene. After learning about the importance of the art scene and her role in the culture of this western city, you’ll find it no surprise to hear that Düsseldorf holds around 26 museums and welcomes ongoing and temporary art exhibitions throughout town.

I was lucky enough to visit Düsseldorf during the weekend of the Nacht Der Museen. Which is the famous night of Düsseldorf when art comes to life. Literally every museum opens up for her visitors until three in the morning. For me it was the perfect way to explore the art scene of the city, in such a short amount of time. However, if you are visiting (more likely) in any other week of the year, buying a Düsseldorf Card will give you free entry or a reduced entry fee to most of the museums you can find around town.

10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf, Germany
10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf, Germany

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10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf, Germany
10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf, Germany
10 Things to do when you travel to Dusseldorf, Germany