What to do in paradise? How about relaxing? Enjoying your time? Swimming? Paradise Curacao has a lot more to offer than those things, even though – unfortunately – a lot of tourists don’t think about it the same way, as they don’t even leave their resort for their entire stay. I’m here to teach you otherwise. And that is why, in this article, I’m going to tell you all about the 10 definite must-do’s in Curacao!


Climb Mount Christoffel – It takes you an hour to climb up the mountain, it takes you a little less than an hour to return back to your car. However, it feels like you’ve been climbing all day, as this hour climb takes you 400 meters up on the highest mountain of Curacao: Mount Christoffel. The climb is harsh if you’re not in good shape, however it is doable. And once you’ve reached the top you’ll praise yourself lucky you did it. Mount Christoffel gives you a look around the island and you can basically see the complete island once you’re at the top. Definitely worth the effort!


Visit Shete Boka – THE national park of Curacao is called Shete Boka. Shete Boka shows you the force, strength and beauty of nature. It is this little piece of Curacao where the cliffs are at their most prettiest, because of the strength of the ocean. Amazingly beautiful to see, and a must do at the island.


Snorkeling at Little Curacao – Little Curacao is a must visit when you go to Curacao. Better yet: your visit to Curacao is not complete when you haven’t visited Little Curacao. What to do on the island? Of course, snorkeling! The little paradise-looking island is surrounded by clear blue water filled with amazing sea life and you’ll be guaranteed of having a good time.


Swim in the Blue Room – The blue room is a cave you can only reach by swimming to it.. amazing! The Blue Room is an amazing piece of nature and one of Curacao’s best ‘hidden’ spots. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else, and that is why you should not skip this must-do when you visit Curacao!


Look for turtles at Playa Lagun – My personal favorite beach of Curacao because of the view, the water, the restaurants, the atmosphere.. and better yet? Almost no tourists. Playa Lagun is one of the beaches where you’ll be likely to spot turtles. Even if you can’t find them at Playa Lagun you’ll be amazed by the other amazing sea life you will find.


Explore the history of Curacao – Curacao has a rich history, as it is an important island for international trading because of her position AND Curacao has been a huge victim of slavery. If you want to learn about the history of Curacao you’ll need to go to Kura Hulanda. A museum at Otrabanda, Willemstad.


Photograph Willemstad & The Handelskade – The colors of Curacao have definitely taken over Willemstad. Where ever you’ll look you’ll find buildings in amazing shapes and colors. Be sure to take your time to take a proper look at them and to photograph it all!


Enjoy the nightlife of Curacao – Beach clubs.. beach clubs everywhere. While in Curacao, I definitely learned one thing: life’s a party. The perfect opportunity for you to find out what Curacao’s nightlife is all about. Care for a night of salsa? Or do you want to mingle with tourists and locals at the beach: Curacao has something for everyone.

Willemstad Curacao - The Tourist Of Life
Best restaurants Curacao - The Tourist Of Life


Have dinner with a view (at least once) – One of the best things I enjoy at islands like this? Having the opportunity to have dinner with a view – I mean, in Holland you won’t have much of these possibilities. Curacao on the other hand? Filled with beach restaurants, or restaurants that overlook the ocean, Willemstad or the nature of Curacao. Definitely have dinner with a view.. at least once!


Try the local food – The local food of Curacao is delicious: whether it is breakfast, dinner or a snack.. you should definitely try it. The local food isn’t hard to find either. There are a lot of local-food restaurants for you to try out. For example you should go to: Snek, Plasa Bieu or Awa Di Playa.